About Us:

The Arrowood Business Association is a nonprofit organization whose members are businesses located within the defined Arrowood area and whose purpose is to foster mutual benefit, encourage business among members and to improve the work area environment through active participation within the community.
Where is Arrowood?
A defined area in Southwestern Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Northern York County, South Carolina, Arrowood is a concentrated industrial area, home to over 2,200 businesses and to over 60,000 employees. The needs of these businesses are unique, differing greatly from those in uptown Charlotte and other business developments.
What does membership involve?
Arrowood Business Association impacts the area within which it encompasses by being a strong voice and influencing political action and development.  Committees have been formed to address the following:
  • Educational Outreach
  • Highways, roads, industrial access and other transportation- related issues
  • Crime watch
  • Area appearance
  • Collaborative Efforts with local Chambers
  • Association interface with the governments of the areas surrounding and encompassing Arrowood for consideration on the above subjects as well as issues of zoning, annexation and environmental regulation.
What are some of our accomplishments?
  • Improving traffic signals and turning lanes
  • Widening Westinghouse Blvd with Highway 49
  • Increasing bus service
  • Annual fundraisers such as the Arrowood Golf Tournament
  • Nine Who Cares WSOC Corporate Finalist 2006
  • NC College Tech Prep Business Award 2006
  • New signage along Westinghouse Blvd.
  • Arrowood Business Association Frankie Graves Technical Scholarship for a high school student to attend CPCC
Past meeting speakers include
Mayor of Charlotte
U.S. Representative for NC
U.S. Senator for NC
President – Carolina Panthers, LLC