The ABCs on the benefits of membership.


Networking groups are only as good as the members who attend the meetings. There is a great mix of savvy business owners and leaders who’s purpose is to network and make their next pivotal connection. Feel free to visit the ABA a couple of times and try it out. You’ll see why members are so proud of our group.


There is really something for everyone in the ABA. From large manufacturers to small Mom and Pop business owners and from Educators to Innovators, the ABA has a large variety of experience. The speakers at the events always provide excellent insight into their specific field and how it effects our great city.


The business leaders of the ABA fully recognize their role in the community. There are few business associations I can think of that have done more for their community in Charlotte. The ABA has all but adopted Olympic High School. The support from the ABA is not limited to funding either. Community members have donated a variety of technologies and time to ensure that tomorrow’s future is afforded the tools they need today.

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